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Internet Calendar (iCal RFC-2445) Export

Description of iCal

If you have installed software that acts as a handler for the webcal protocol, you should be able to click on the webcal link. This should open your calendar software and create a remote calendar link.

If you do not have a webcal protocol handler installed (it does nothing when you click on the link), copy the http:// link onto the clipboard and paste it into your calendar software.

By default, the iCal export routine will follow the calendar's setting of whether to include rollup calendars as part of the exported calendar. If you do not want items from included calendars to be displayed, append ?rollup=0 to the URL.


iCal is a very complex specification and it can be difficult for programs to inter-operate. We are aware of some of the following issues:

Windows Calendar (Vista)

No known issues.

Evolution (2.8.2)

Specific Date (RDATE) events do not work.

Apple iCal 2.0.5

  • First Weekday does not work.
  • Last Weekday does not work.
  • RDATE (Specific Dates) does not work. The mere presence of an RDATE entry can cause iCal to terminate with an error.
  • If time zone support is enabled, the detailed event display shows one time events relative to GMT.

KOrganizer (3.5.5)

Specific Date (RDATE) events only show the first instance (Reported fixed in 3.5.7).

KOrganizer 3.x doesn't handle time zones correctly. Unless all events are in the same time zone, times will be wrong. This is certain to happen because Connect Daily exports one time events in GMT. Versions 3.5.7 and later will handle one timezone and GMT correctly, but not two time zones and GMT.

As a general note, KOrganizer converts times for recurring events into GMT and stores them. This can cause problems with recurring event calculation.

Microsoft Outlook

There are two methods of importing events into Outlook. Double-clicking on an individual ics file, or using the import screen. If you double click on an ics file, or URL for an ICS file, then only one event from that file will be imported, and most forms of recurrence won't work.

If you use the Import screen to import an ICS file, then things will work pretty smoothly.

Mozilla Sunbird 0.5

First Weekday, Last Weekday don't work because BYSETPOS isn't implemented.

Specific Dates (RDATE) doesn't work.

It appears that printing doesn't handle time zone support even though it appears correct when you view it in the user interface.

PHPiCalendar 2.23 rc1

Specific Date events (RDATE) don't work.

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