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Wetlands/Land Use Data Layer

These data are developed through joint funding agreements with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Wetlands Inventory (NWI). They are delineated from 1:40,000-scale NAPP color infrared photography and correspond to the USFWS Cowardin classification system for wetlands and deepwater habitats of the United States. The wetlands habitats are mapped to a one acre minimum map unit but smaller units often are identified. The upland categories are delineated using the Anderson, Level II system developed by the U.S. Geological Survey with a ten acre minimum resolution.

Wetlands & Land Use Attributing & Enhancements

  1. Import spatial and attribute data into ARC/INFO.
  2. Georeference to statewide TIC grid.
  3. Clean and build as double precision coverages.
  4. Join attributes to spatial data using polygon codes and corresponding Cowardin classification codes.
  5. Attach general Anderson level I identifiers and Land Use attributes for wetland and upland categories.
  6. Edgematch spatial data & attributes.Small image of NWI Data for Beaufort, SC
  7. First quality review & correct problems.
  8. Second quality review by management staff.
  9. Edit/correct problems.
  10. Third quality review by Data Base Administrator.
  11. Quad added to SCDNR GIS Database.

We have developed an NWI Classification Decoder that permits a user to type in a valid classification and receive the code translation. A valid code is case sensitive.

Download Available NWI Data

Data is available for download at no cost from DNR's GIS Data Clearinghouse. Refer to DNR GIS DNR Clearinghouse for availability.

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