Current GIS Data Development & Acquisition

DOQQ Imagery for 2006 (Completed)

This is an JFA with USGS to acquire 2006 Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangles (DOQQ) for the state. Due to an early spring, 85% of the imagery was flown during January through March of 2006 with the remaining 15% taken during January through March of 2007. The imagery has been geometrically corrected to meet national standards for spatial data accuracy at a scale of 1:12,000, metadata added, and compressed in the JPEG 2000 file format. It is available for free download through the DNR GIS Data Clearinghouse. Negatives will not be available with this imagery set. A hard copy NAPP Photo can be produced through HAS Images, Inc. Dayton OH, Phone (937) 222-3856.

USGS Project Contact: Gary Merrill

High Resolution National Hydrography Dataset for South Carolina (Completed)

Map of SC showing areas covered by the High Resolution National Hydrology Dataset

This is a joint funded project with SCDHEC has been completed for high resolution hydrography data set for South Carolina. NHD data can be viewed on the USGS NHD Viewer.

DHEC Project Contact: Jeannie Eidson
USGS Project Contact: Gary Merrill

LiDAR Statewide for South Carolina

Land Cover in Williamsburg County

This is a consortium comprised of numerous State, Federal, County, and Local government entities in South Carolina to acquire statewide LiDAR for South Carolina through monetary contributions and in-kind services. Deliverable products include: LAS point cloud data, ESRI File GeoDatabase with Terrain Surface, Intensity Images, 3-D Hydro Breaklines, and quality assurance report. LAS and image data is divided into 5000' x 5000' tiles to reduce file size. It is available for free download through the DNR ftp site and supporting consortium participants. Additional information and workshop materials are available. View project details.

USGS Project Contact: Gary Merrill

National Wetlands Inventory

Coastal Wetland

This is a joint project with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to complete the wetlands data set for South Carolina. Status of available wetlands digital data can be viewed on the FWS Wetlands Mapper.

FWS Project Contact: Charlie Storrs

South Carolina Intertidal Oyster Reef Mapping

Oyster Reef Mapping

This is a joint project with NOAA to map South Carolina's intertidal oyster resources. The reefs were mapped through a combination of automated and manual techniques using 4-band (blue, green, red, near-infrared) digital orthophotos with a theoretical ground resolution of 0.25 meters. The project area covered those sections of the SC coastal zone where oysters had historically been mapped by the SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) in the 1980's. The imagery was collected from 2003-2006. This dataset is provisional however, and is undergoing a final QAQC process. Once finalized, the file will be updated as new information is acquired. The data can currently be downloaded from the DNR FTP server and can be accessed through an ArcIMS server application.

DNR Project Contact: Tyler Brown