Current GIS Activities

South Carolina Atlas Update - Completed

Map from Atlas ProjectA county-based atlas has been created for the state of South Carolina. Two versions have been created - Law Enforcement and Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The DNR version includes standard road atlas layers plus hydrology, DNR lands, other state and federal land, boat ramps, and landmark features such as fire stations, schools and churches. The Law Enforcement version includes the layers on the DNR version, plus layers related to law enforcement work (the Law Enforcement version will not be available to the public).

GIS Coordinator for the State


In 2006, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed by eight state agencies, including the DNR, establishing a GIS Coordination Council for the state of South Carolina. The purpose of the Council is to better coordinate GIS activities in the State including spatial data collection and management, standards development and data and information sharing. The SCGIC also serves as the formal body to develop operational strategies and policies for GIS implementation among cooperating agencies in South Carolina. In July 2007, Dr. Tim De Troye was hired as the GIS Coordinator to implement the GIS coordination duties and responsibilities defined by the Council. Primary among these is to serve as the liaison between state agencies represented on the Council and also between the Council and county, local and municipal governments and private sector organizations.

State GIS Coordinator: Tim De Troye, phone: (803) 734-3894, email:

Kiosk Project for DNR Managed Lands

Map from Atlas Project

A kiosk project has been undertaken to create a uniform look and feel for all kiosks on SCDNR public lands, both owned and managed by SCDNR, while allowing flexibly to address each specific property's needs. Property information maintained and collected by various department staff is being centralized into the agency database and GIS SDE layers for this project. This information will be used in the Kiosk project as well as replace 450+ static web pages with searchable web pages pulling information from the agency database. Various GIS layers will be developed to support the mapping portion of this project and allow the public to find additional information about a property through an online web mapping application.

DNR Project Contact: Amanda Londo, Public Information Director, WWF

Land Use Project

Land Cover

A land cover classification series is being created to document land cover in South Carolina and to monitor change in land cover through time. The goal is to create land cover classifications in approximately 5-year intervals starting from 1981. Classifications have been created for 1981/84 and 1997/98. Classifications are in process for 1991 and 2003. An accuracy assessment will be conducted for each year of classification, with the reference based on aerial photography and site visits.

Classifications are based on Landsat Thematic Mapper satellite imagery, with a sensor capable of 30-meter resolution and having 7 spectral bands including visible, near-infrared, mid-infrared and thermal.

River Guide for State Scenic River (Lynches River)

Map from Atlas Project

A river guide for Lynches River, one of South Carolina's State Scenic River, is being created. Starting at US 15 boat landing in Lee County, this 54-mile scenic section flows through three other counties (Darlington, Florence, and Sumter County). Photos, maps, geologic, and history will be included about the Lynches River. Guide maps will contain topographic strip maps with various labeled points of interest, recommended route, and a geographic coordinate grid. All major topographic features will be labeled. Points of interest will include put in/take-out locations, cultural and natural history, and reference markers. The guide will be printed on waterproof paper to ensure durability. The guide will be made available for distribution to the public when completed.

DNR Project Contact: Bill Marshall