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Please consult the NETL NATCARB page for explanation, contact information and disclaimer about this data.

The NATCARB Viewer allows users to browse and query data under Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (RCSP), Atlas III, Carbon Sequestration Program Field Projects, and CCS Worldwide Database tabs.

Data Download and Custom Map Requests
All map layers and data tables used to create the national estimates of CO2 stationary sources and CO2 storage resources are available for download.

CO2 Storage Formations
The NATCARB Viewer displays the location of potential CO2 injection formations in different sedimentary basins throughout the United States and Canada. These include saline formations, oil and reservoirs, unmineable coal areas, basalt formations, and organic-rich shale basins.

CO2 Stationary Sources
The NATCARB Viewer displays CO2 stationary source data obtained from the RCSPs and other external sources.

Mapping Applications:

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NETL Carbon Capture and Storage Database
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