Monitoring Wells in Horry County
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Well IDElevationLatitudeLongitudeDepthAquiferStatus
HOR-0290 2033 40 15 78 56 21 459Black CreekADR
HOR-0309 42.8433 46 03 78 57 59 375Black CreekADR
HOR-0973 2033 43 22 78 54 11 1331MiddendorfManual
HOR-1326 UNKNOWN      600Black CreekADR
HOR-1327 UNKNOWN      440Black CreekADR

Status column:
ADR: Water level is continuously measured on an hourly basis.
Manual: Water level is periodically measured on a bi-monthly basis.
Inactive: Water level is not currently monitored.
Abandoned: Well has been permanently abandoned and water levels can no longer be measured.