June 15-21, 2014, Kings Moutain State Park Camp Wildwood Logo

Camp Wildwood

1st Year Program

No Cell Phones
No Cell Phones Allowed at Camp

Daily activities include instruction in fisheries, forestry, firearm
safety, orienteering, first aid, soils and wildlife. The hands on classes are conducted outdoors by professional resource staff members. Afternoon activities include sports such as softball, swimming and volleyball.

Dances, campfires and skit night are some of the most popular evening activities. As in true 'Wildwood Style' we don't show all our cards. There will be surprises around every corner to keep you smiling and having the time of your life!

Camp Wildwood is a community of people who live, learn and enjoy nature related activities to together. Counselors live in the same cabins as campers, providing constant interaction between the camper and counselor.