June 15-21, 2014, Kings Moutain State Park Camp Wildwood Logo

Camp Wildwood

No Cell Phones
No Cell Phones Allowed at Camp

2nd Year Program

The 2nd Year Program was developed back in 1977 to further the Camp Wildwood experience. Twenty campers from the previous year are invited back to attend a program based in the Upstate of South Carolina. The professional staff and counselors that select these 2nd year campers believe that they possess leadership, maturity and dedication, which if nurtured, leads to the wise use of natural resources.

During this week, the 2nd Year campers will experience challenging but fun adventures. The goal is for them to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationship with other people, and the natural world.

Mini - Agenda

Day Activity
Sunday Arrive At Camp Wildwood
Monday Travel to Walhalla Trout Hatchery
Tuesday Ropes Course /Team Building @ Clemson
Wednesday Chattooga Rafting
Thursday Guided Hikes and Outdoor Programs
Friday Return to King's Mtn/Closing Ceremonies
Saturday Depart Camp Wildwood

What to bring to 2nd Year

In addition to the items listed in the camp brochure, please bring a sleeping bag and pad, and a backpack for daily trips. Due to limited van space, plan on bringing a minimum of personal items. Ideally, your backpack will also be large enough to carry your clothing and accessories for the 4 days we are in Walhalla. Items not needed for the day trips can be secured at the hatchery. If you do not have a backpack, we can provide you with a duffle bag if you let us know in advance.


Hiking boots or rugged low cuts - We will do some hiking and tromping in the woods. You will definitely need closed-toe shoes for Tuesday or they will not let you participate. Keen sandals are not acceptable. A sturdy pair of Merrells, North Face, or trail running shoes would be OK for Tuesday and Thursday. These would be OK too if we do a night walk.

Rafting shoes - You must have shoes or sandals that strap to your feet, or those made for rafting. It would be best to have a pair of shoes just for water activities so you don't have to wear wet shoes for other activities. Don't forget them!

Swimsuits - We will get wet. A lot! Bring an extra swimsuit

Flashlight/Headlamp – Bring a headlamp if you have one. It is easier to keep up with, and works better for some of our activities. But a small flashlight will be fine too.

Fleece/Sweats – It's hard to imagine needing fleece in June in South Carolina. But the temperature has dropped into the 50s in previous years, so please plan for that possibility. Lightweight long pants and a warm top should be plenty.

Cash – We will provide your meals just like last year, but you will also have more opportunities to buy snacks and souvenirs from the places we go. We usually stop for fast food on the way back to camp too. So bring as much cash as you think you might need for these things. $50 should be more than plenty. And don't worry if you run low. We won't buy Chattooga t-shirts for you, but nobody will go hungry!

Keep In Mind!

It will be difficult to run out to the store to pick up anything you forget, so please make sure you have everything you think you will need. We will sit down with you before we leave King’s Mountain and help you decide what to bring to Walhalla.