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Camp Wildwood

3rd Year Program

No Cell Phones
No Cell Phones Allowed at Camp

Time is approaching for your next installment of Camp Wildwood. This page is devoted to you all. On this page you will see what you need to bring for 3rd year, also things you should leave at home. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Dan

Mini - Agenda

Day Activity
Tuesday Arrive At Donnelley WMA
Wednesday Canoeing the Edisto River
Thursday Travel To Charleston
Friday TBA
Saturday TBA
Sunday Closing of Camp WW III

Things to Bring to 3rd Year

In addition to the items listed in the camp brochure, be certain to bring a sleeping bag, several bathing suits, and backpack for the days we travel (Do Not Bring Dressy Cloths you will not need them). Due to limited space when traveling, you will only be allowed to carry the minimum of personal items. If you do not have a backpack, I can provide you with a duffle bag but inform us if we need to provide that for you.

Since we travel for several days, I don't mind if you bring your music (MP3's, Ipod's or other devices). I'll bring a player.