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Significant Tornadoes in South Carolina 2003

*Source - Storm Data Publication published by the National Climatic Data Center and severe weather reports issued by the National Weather Service.


Date County Description Length (miles) Width (yards)
1 February 22, 2003 York (F0) A weak tornado touched down briefly in a Rock Hill suburb. During its 1800 foot track, the tornado snapped off several pine trees and blew a ridge vent off of a home. Debris carried by the tornado broke windows at another home and broke out a car windshield. <1 25
2 April 21, 2003 Abbeville (F1) A tornado touched down briefly in the Parsons Mountain area of the Sumter National Forest five miles south of Abbeville, blowing down several hundred trees along its 1/4 mile track. <1 100
3 April 23, 2003 Orangeburg (F0) An tornado intermittently touched down from Connors to Bayview taking down trees and powerlines. Initial touch down was three miles north-northeast of Holly Hill. 5 60
4 May 2, 2003 Pickens (F1) This tornado traveled just south of SC highway 123 five miles east of Easley, causing structural damage and blowing down numerous trees and power lines before lifting near the Greenville County line. Several homes and a church received light to moderate roof damage, and several vacant mobile homes were damaged or destroyed at a sales lot. Property damage: $250,000. 2 100
5 May 6, 2003 Aiken (F1) An tornado touched down on I-20 between mile markers 30 to 31 seven miles south-southeast of Monetta and moved northeast to Three Notch road (SC289). Numerous trees were taken down and moderate damage was done to two sheds. Property damage: $5000. 2 150
6 May 6, 2003 Abbeville (F0) This weak tornado knocked down a few trees and power lines before dissipating three miles east-southeast of Calhoun Falls. 3 25
7 May 6, 2003 McCormick (F0) An tornado intermittently touched down along a 2 mile path north of hwy 378 and took down trees. Initial touch down was two miles south of Troy. 2 50
8 May 6, 2003 Williamsburg (F1) A National Weather Service storm survey determined an F1 tornado touched down approximately three miles west of Hemingway. The tornado overturned two singlewide mobile homes and tore the roof off another, dropping it on a vehicle and causing damage. The damage estimate in this area was $100K. Two people were hospitalized. The tornado continued east southeast, weakening somewhat, and caused F0 damage, snapping pine trees. The trees fell on a singlewide and doublewide mobile home and two vehicles. One person was hopitalized, and the damage in this area totaled $120K. The tornado strengthened, causing F1 damage once again one mile south of Hemingway. It destroyed a tobacco warehouse and damaged a farm supply building, with $100K damage. The tornado turned slightly northeast, and caused F0 damage to trees and a wheat field before finally dissipating. The spotty damage path length was 3.8 miles. 4 25
9 May 6, 2003 Dorchester (F1) Numerous tree tops were twisted and sheared off along with several trees being down in the vicinity of Clemson Terrace subdivision, one mile west of Jedburg. A large section of a roof on an industrial plant was taken off and there was roof damage to several homes in the path of the tornado. The tornado also moved 4000 pound bales of steel wire at the industrial plant. 3 75
10 May 6, 2003 Edgefield (F1) An tornado touched down two miles west-southwest of Johnston then went through Johnston and destroyed one 12x24' wood frame building, damaged a couple of businesses and a few homes. The tornado hit in exactly the same spot that an F2 hit almost 5 years ago to the date! 3 150
11 May 6, 2003 Saluda (F0) A tornado briefly touched down and knocked some trees down in Ward <1 30
12 July 1, 2003 Hampton (F1) A tornado touched down four miles southwest of the city of Hampton, and snapped or uprooted numerous trees, and downed power lines. The Dollar General Store was heavily damaged when the tornado caused three of the walls to collapse almost completely. Several homes sustained damage when trees fell on top of them. 10 100
13 July 2, 2003 Williamsburg (F1) A National Weather Service storm survey determined a tornado touched down twice over a one mile path. The first touch down occurred one mile southeast of Salters, snapping trees and destroying a manufactured home, equipment shed, and another building. The tornado dropped debris over a quarter mile path, and the damage was consistent with an F1. The tornado touched down again northeast of Salters, downing a tree, and flipping several sheds. Damage in this area was consistent with an F0. There were no reported injuries. Property damage: $75,000. 1 100
14 July 2, 2003 Colleton (F1) A tornado touched down one mile south of Smoaks. Several trees were uprooted or snapped off. A mobile home suffered roof damage and the family's dog was killed. At least one car was crushed when a tree landed on it. 1 100
15 July 2, 2003 Laurens (F0) This weak tornado blew down numerous large tree limbs as well as a few large trees as it tracked from just east of Lake Greenwood to the town of Waterloo. Initial touch down was three miles southwest of Waterloo. Some crops were damaged near Waterloo. 3 200
16 July 13, 2003 Pickens (F1) The first of 2 tornadoes that tracked across Pickens County on the afternoon of the 13th moved from Liberty to the Anderson County line southeast of Liberty. In Liberty, roofs were blown off several buildings, and numerous trees and power lines were blown down. Damage to trees and power lines, and some structural damage continued as the tornado tracked southeast. The tornado lifted six miles east-southeast of Liberty. Property damage: $200,000. 6 75
17 July 13, 2003 Pickens (F1) A second F1 tornado touched down just west of the track of the first tornado one mile northwest of Liberty, and moved through the Liberty area before moving into Anderson County. The second tornado was also responsible for significant damage to some roofs, as well as widespread damage to trees and power lines. 6 75
18 July 13, 2003 Anderson (F1) The second Pickens County tornado entered Anderson County ten miles northwest of Piedmont. The tornado continued to move southeast before lifting near the community of Wren. Most of the damage was to trees and power lines, but some minor structural damage also occurred. Property damage: $25,000. 6 75
19 November 19, 2003 Abbeville (F0) This weak tornado blew down numerous trees and power lines along its intermittent 15-mile track. One telephone pole was snapped. In Abbeville, a large tree limb fell and tore a hole in the roof of a home, causing extensive damage. 15 50

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