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South Carolina Temperature and Precipitation Trends 1901-2005


South Carolina Temperature and Precipitation Trends 1901-2010

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South Carolina State Climatology Office
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February 10 - February 16, 2014


On Monday afternoon the Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station reported a high temperature of 70 degrees. Wintertime returned overnight for the Piedmont and Midlands. At 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday, light snow was falling at Laurens, Greenwood, Newberry and Winnsboro. By 8:00 a.m., Clemson and Longtown had received an inch of snow. Ending snowfall totals through the late afternoon period included 3-inch amounts at Hartsville, Lake View and Dillon. Newberry and Chester noted a Tuesday high temperature of just 33 degrees. A cold rain over the south Midlands left 0.97 inches at Bamberg and 0.69 inches at Blackville. A more energetic winter storm arrived as the calendar day began on Wednesday. A band of heavy snow fell across the Foothills and into the northern Midlands. Heavy sleet fell over Lexington and Richland counties separating the snowfall from a damaging ice storm over the southern Midlands. The heaviest snowfall amount measured was at Clover with 10.0 inches. The blanket of snow near Silverstreet and Heath Springs was measured at 8 inches. Antreville, Chester, Winnsboro and Bethune received snowfalls of 6.0 inches. The town of Irmo measured 4 inches of sleet. A belt of heavy freezing rain coated exposed surfaces from Aiken County eastward into Sumter County. Barnwell measured a freezing rain glaze of 1.25 inches that felled whole trees, large limbs and power lines. Bamberg, Orangeburg, St. Matthews and Manning reported a freezing rain measurement of one-inch. Utility providers in the affected counties estimated an electrical service loss to more than 300,000 customers. Light snow ended on Thursday morning. After spending 42 hours at 32 degrees or below, the temperature at Shaw AFB in Sumter eased to a Thursday high of 37 degrees. Little Mountain reported a "melted" precipitation value for the 48-hour event of 2.47 inches. Gentle southwest winds on Friday helped to diminish the ice cover and sent the mercury at Charleston AP to 66 degrees. Light showers overnight brought Florence 0.37 inches, Summerville 0.25 inches and Sandhill 0.22 inches. Strong west to northwest winds on Saturday gusted to 37 mph at Florence and 36 mph at Orangeburg accelerating the melting of the remaining ice and the drying of melt water. Both Summerville and Walterboro recorded a Saturday high temperature of 62 degrees. More agreeable weather was observed on a mostly clear Sunday. The Clemson Oconee AP, Barnwell and Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station all reached a mild 65 degrees. The state average temperature for the seven-day period was seven degrees below the long-term average.

The highest official temperature reported was 69 degrees at Allendale and Charleston AP on February 10. The lowest official temperature reported was 21 degrees at Jocassee on February 12. The heaviest official 24-hour rainfall reported was 2.00 inches at Cedar Creek and Georgetown County AP ending at 7:00 a.m. on February 13. The state average rainfall for the seven-day period was 1.6 inches.


                              Weekly   Jan 1   Departure   
        Anderson AP            0.93     4.76      -1.3 
           Greer AP            1.14     4.96      -1.1
   Charlotte, NC AP            1.93     5.22       0.0
  Columbia Metro AP            2.17     5.93       0.3
      Orangeburg AP            2.73     4.58      -1.2
Augusta, GA Bush AP            1.71     5.58      -0.5
        Florence AP            2.22     5.16       0.3 
  N Myrtle Beach AP            1.36     3.74      -1.8
      Charleston AP            1.18     4.24      -1.2
    Savannah, GA AP            0.43     3.28      -2.0

Weekly rainfall totals ending midnight Sunday.  


4-inch depth soil temperature: Columbia 49 degrees, Charleston 51 degrees.


South Carolina river stages were near normal. Charleston Harbor reported a water temperature of 49 degrees.

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