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April 9 - April 15, 2007


Below normal temperatures continued on Monday and Tuesday. Preliminary field surveys early in the week indicated the past Sunday's, April 8, record freeze did extensive and costly damage to corn, peaches, watermelons and assorted row crops. Described by agricultural interest between Lexington and Aiken as the worst since 1983. On Wednesday, gray skies, light rain and drizzle held mid-day temperatures in the 50's. Morning thunderstorms on Thursday produced 1.75 inch diameter hail in Rock Hill. Under clear skies temperatures on Friday morning neared the freezing mark well inland, preceding a period of very warm weather for part of Saturday. Afternoon high temperatures in the middle 80's were common across central counties. A vigorous cold front raced into the state during that afternoon with high winds and small hail episodes. Clusters of storm cells continued overnight into Sunday. A violent tornado ripped through Sumter County Sunday morning. The path was estimated at 14 miles in length. There were additional tornadoes observed at near Lynchburg and Rowesville. A few sites received rainfall amounts exceeding two inches. The tight pressure gradient between the exiting, mid-Atlantic coastal storm system and building high pressure over the state, caused west winds at Pineville to gust at 62 mph on Sunday. Tide-gage measurements near Charleston measured low tide levels, commonly called "blowout tides", of between two and three feet below predictions on Sunday. Sunday's warmth was tempered by gusting winds mixing with periods of bright sunshine against areas of cloudy skies. The state average temperature for the period was four degrees below normal.

The highest official temperature reported was 85 degrees Columbia, Pelion, Aiken, Barnwell, and Jamestown on April 14. The lowest official temperature reported was 25 degrees at Walhalla Hatchery on the morning of April 10. The heaviest official 24-hour rainfall reported was 3.20 inches at Barnwell ending at 7:00 a.m. on April 15. The state average rainfall for the period was 1.5 inches.


                Weekly   Jan 1  Deviation
                 Total   Total   From Avg
Greer             1.30   12.26     -3.5
Columbia          1.15   10.35     -4.4
Orangeburg        0.50    9.28     -5.5
Charlotte, NC     2.90   13.56      0.1
Augusta, GA       2.44   10.65     -4.2
Florence          3.34    9.68     -2.9
Myrtle Beach      1.23    8.07     -4.2
Charleston        0.45    7.57     -5.1
Savannah, GA      0.06    6.66     -5.6

Weekly rainfall totals ending midnight Sunday.  


4-inch depth average soil temperature: Columbia 65 degrees.


South Carolina river stages were near normal. Ocean water temperatures at Springmaid Pier Myrtle Beach were reported at 62 degrees.

For additional information contact tylerw@dnr.sc.gov or by calling (803) 734-9100.

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