September 13 - 19, 2004


Warm afternoons along with passing thundershowers were observed Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, the expanding cloud deck of Florida's Hurricane Ivan began blanketing the state. After roaring ashore near Pensacola, Ivan's circulation center tracked into the Southern Appalachians. Up slope, torrential rains and high winds over the state's higher elevations caused extensive utility failures, damage to bridges and roadways, and produced at least two tornadoes. Anderson AP recorded wind gust at 59 mph. Between Thursday and Friday mornings, Long Creek measures 7.66 inches of rain. Slow clearing took place Friday night as a strong cold front approached from the north. With the exception of the north coastal counties, interior locations enjoyed a mostly sunny and cool Saturday. Early morning temperatures on Sunday fell into the 40's and 50's before blue skies and 70 degree high temperatures ended the week. For the period, the state average temperature was one degree below normal.

The highest official temperature reported was 90 degrees at Jamestown on September 16. The lowest official temperature reported was 43 degrees at Long Creek on the morning of September 19. The heaviest official 24-hour rainfall reported was 4.51" at Table Rock ending at 7:00 a.m. on September 17. The average statewide rainfall for the period was 1.3.


                       Weekly   Jan 1  Deviation     
                        Total   Total   From Avg
         Greer           1.67    32.8       -4.5
      Columbia           2.08    35.7       -2.2          
    Orangeburg           0.37    32.1       -4.4
 Charlotte, NC           1.16    35.3       +3.3 
   Augusta, GA           0.42    33.8       -0.6 
      Florence           0.47    32.8       -1.8           
  Myrtle Beach           1.11    39.9       +5.6 
    Charleston           0.27    34.3       -6.4           
  Savannah, GA  	 0.74	 30.3       -9.3 

Weekly rainfall totals ending midnight Sunday.                       


4 inch depth average soil temperature: Columbia 7 degrees.


South Carolina river stages were below normal. Surf temperatures at Myrtle Beach
and Savannah will average around 75 degrees.