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Tropical Storm Cindy

Flooding first developed along the Reedy River in downtown Greenville and Brushy Creek. The county reported severe urban flooding in Greer around the same time. 100 Residents of an apartment complex in Greer had to be rescued when the parking lot flooded after Maple Creek overflowed its banks. In addition, Maple Creek flooded about 6 homes at a trailer park and several other homes along Maple Creek were flooded with as much as 6 feet of water. 15 people were evacuated from a mobile home park in Mauldin. Several homes were flooded in Del Norte, and at least 1 family was rescued. (one 16 year resident said it was the 2nd worse flooding event since he moved there.) Gilder Creek was flooding Holland Rd in Simpsonville by 10 AM. Over 25 roads were closed across the county due to flooding, with at least 6 roads damaged ($ 300.0K).

An F1 tornado began over the northern part of Lake Hartwell, possibly over the lake, as the initial damage was to docks and around a dozen sailboats on the northeast shore of the lake. One boat was tossed about 100 yards. Several trees were also blown down onshore. Newspapers reported damage to the docks alone was $60K in Anderson County. Flooding began around Easley during the late morning, when several roads were underwater, including Stewart Dr, Campbell Ave, and Saluda Dam Rd, where a car was swept away by flood water. Flooding became quite serious around 10 AM, when water from Georges Creek entered 8 homes in the Quail Haven s/d, forcing evacuations. Some of the homes and their contents were damaged extensively and rendered uninhabitable. At least 1 bridge was washed out. A family required rescue when their van succumbed to flood water in the Oak Creek subdivision.

Near Pickens, a flea market was underwater when a feeder creek of Twelvemile Creek flooded. Several roads were closed in Pickens, including City Lake and Slickum Rds. A bridge on Odom Rd in Pickens received some minor damage and a portion of Ballard Hill Rd was washed out. An F0 tornado touched down in far northern Spartanburg County, just south of the North Carolina border, blowing down several trees before tracking northeast into North Carolina. By 10 AM, flooding became severe, with several vehicles trapped in water. A woman required rescue when she abandoned her flooded car on Bryant Rd in Inman and clung to a tree to escape flood water. Another woman required rescue when she climbed on the roof of her car to avoid flood water on Chapman Rd near Boiling Springs. At least one other woman was rescued from her vehicle in Inman. Water entered several homes in the Boiling Springs area. Numerous roads were closed due to flooding or being washed out, mainly in the Greer, Inman, and Fingerville areas. A portion of Beechwood Dr in Inman was washed out, isolating about 15 homes. In all, about 30 roads were damaged across the county ($ 1.1M), with the total of 1.955M property damage entire State.

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