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Conservation Practices

Assistance for surveying and mapping terraces, grass waterways, lagoons, ponds and conservation and wildlife plans can be obtained from the Conservation Partnership through the District Office. The Conservation Partnership is made up of the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, S.C. State Forestry Commission, Clemson Extension Service, the Farm Service Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service and Rural Development of the U.S. Department of Argriculture.

Prescribed Burning Picture
Prescribed burning promotes new growth and increases wildlife habitat.

MaxQ grass Picture

A new Grass for Pastures
MaxQ is a new toxin-free variety of Fescue grass that is adapted to some coastal plain soils. This cool season grass provides grazing during the fall and early spring months when traditional warm season grasses such as Bermuda are not productive.

Soybeans planted no-till behind lupine picture

Soybeans planted no-till behind lupine - No-till has protected thesessoybeans from wind erosion, increased moisture, as well as prevented sheet and rill erosion over the years.