Technical Services

Technical Staff

Barnwell Conservation District

Linda Pickering - Administrative Assistant

USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service

Wilfred Pace - District Conservationist

Mike Lott - Resource Conservationist

Thomas Smoak - Conservation Technician

Merle Diem - Conservation Technician

Department of Natural Resources

Harry Doswell - Program Coordinator

Cory Drennan—SC DNR/NRCS Wildlife Biologist

The District's field office staff assists farmers, landowners, and units of government by providing land-use planning, engineering services, agronomy recommendations, soils information, and other technical assistance related to natural resource management. This results in the completion of conservation practices that benefit cropland, woodland, and wildlife habitat while improving water quality throughout Barnwell county. USDA programs are available to provide cost share for some these conservation practices.

The District also offers a strong education program for all shcools in the county. This program includes poster and esay contests, environmental workshops, outdoor classrooms, earth day and soil stewardship programs, and distribution of materials to the students.

If yo would like more information regarding activities and programs available through the Barnwell Soil & Water Conservation District, please contact us at (803) 259-7144.


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All programs and services of the Conservation District, Natural Resources Conservation Service and DNR-Land, Water and Conservation Division are offered on a nondiscriminatory basis with regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age mental status or handicap.

To contact us:

Phone: 803-259-7144
Fax: 803-259-2400