Statewide Fisheries Research

Broad River Basin Aquatic Inventory

A survey of the fish community of the Broad River was conducted in 2001-2002. This study was done to better define the composition and the condition of the aquatic community, which will lead to more effective management of the natural resources. Ten sites along the entire course of the river were sampled and 51 fish species were collected. The species most commonly collected were redbreast sunfish, whitefin shiner, and silver redhorse. The growth of redear sunfish and redear sunfish was assessed. The growth and condition of largemouth bass was evaluated. Eighty seven percent of the riparian habitat along the river was judged to be in good condition. An initial assessment of the freshwater mussel community was also performed. The completed final report (Adobe PDF file), contains the detailed information obtained during this survey.

A survey of tributary streams of the Broad River was conducted in 2003-2005. The condition and diversity of the fish community was assessed at 45 sites. During these surveys, a total of 45 fish species, 12 of which were of conservation concern, were collected. In addition to fish community surveys, an examination of the macroinvertebrate community was conducted in 2005; a total of 323 different types were sampled. The final report (Adobe PDF file) displays, in detail, the information obtained from this effort.

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