Submission of Manuscripts for SC Geology Journal
Prospective authors should submit three paper copies of a manuscript including text, figures, and tables, as
well as an electronic file of these to Dr. John M. Garihan, Editor-in-Chief, South Carolina Geology, Earth and
Environmental Sciences Department, Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina 29613

a. The style of the text generally should follow that used in most major geological journals (for example, the
Geological Society of America).
b. Authors should refer to recent volumes of this journal and to Suggestions to Authors (Hansen and others,
1991, U.S. Geological Survey) for guidance on geological editorial style.
Preparation of the Text
a. Print the manuscript with double-spacing and wide margins.
b. Print the title of the article and the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s) at the top of the first page. The
abstract has 500 words or fewer. Print the abstract and begin the text on the first page.
c. Measurements may be in either the English system or the metric system or both. If measurements in both
systems are presented, place the second measurement in parentheses and use the order of systems consistently
throughout the text.
d. Italicize or underline text where appropriate.
e. Few abbreviations are used in South Carolina Geology. Units of physical measurement (km, m, cm, mi, ft,
kg, g) and units of time (Ma, m.y., b.p.) may be abbreviated. Abbreviations or acronyms that are defined in
the text may be used.

a. The citation of an author or authors in the text is followed by a set of parentheses that includes the year of
publication and, as necessary, the appropriate citations for pages, figures, plates, tables, and appendices.
b. References cited inside parentheses in the text include the last name of an author or last names of authors, the
year of publication, and citations for pages, figures, and plates. These pieces of information are separated by
commas. References cited in one set of parentheses are separated by semicolons.
c. Place the references in alphabetical order in the reference list.
d. In the reference list, the surname of the (first) author is followed by a comma and the initial or initials. A Jr. or a
III or a similar part of a name, if needed, follows the initial(s) and is set off by commas (e.g., Jones, J. D. III).
e. List titles of journals, serials and books in full, without abbreviation, except that U.S. is used for United States.
Volume, number, pages (v., no., p.), and similar information are abbreviated.

a. Plan the figures to fit the format of South Carolina Geology. Figures shall fit the width of either a single column
(8.7 cm) or a full page (17.9 cm). A figure may occupy the full height of a page.
b. Number the figures consecutively. Refer to all figures in the text.
c. Each complete illustration is a figure. A figure may include separate small illustrations; if cited, they should be
designated on the figure by small letters.
d. Final figures are submitted as electronic files. Electronic image files as .tif files, .eps files, .ai files, or .jpg files are
e. Lettering on illustrations must be legible at page size. Drawings or photographs may be reduced no more that
approximately 50%.
f. Maps should include either a north arrow and markings for geodetic or Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
coordinates. Maps should include a bar scale with measurements in both English system and metric system.
Geodetic coordinates are required for maps of large scale.
g. Oversize illustrations may be printed if justified. Consult the Editor-in-Chief.
h. Each figure has a caption. The caption for a figure appears below the figure. Supply captions on pages separate
from the text and figures. Identify each figure.

a. Number the tables consecutively. Refer to all tables in the text.
b. Tables should be compiled on pages separate from the text.
c. Each table has a caption. The caption for a table appears above the table.


One set of proofs, to be checked for errors, will be sent to the sole or first author.

Comments and Replies

Comments and replies may be printed. Consult the Editor-in-Chief.

Offprints or Extra Copies
Five prints of each article will be supplied to the sole or first author at no charge.
Offprints may be purchased if prior arrangements are made.