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South Carolina Geology (ISSN 0272-9873) is an annual peer-reviewed journal, with national and international circulation, published by the S.C. Geological Survey. It is dedicated to research on all aspects of geology related to the State of South Carolina. The current subscription price is $18.00 a year, includes tax and postage. Available back issues can be purchased from SCGS. Ordering Instructions can be found here.

Dr. Erin Beutel, College of Charleston

Current Editorial Board members:
Dr. James W. Castle, Clemson University
Dr. William Pirkle, University of South Carolina Aiken
Dr. William A. Ranson, Furman University
Dr. R. Kelly Vance, Georgia Southern University
Ralph Willoughby, Geological Survey (retired)

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Volume 49 (2016)Volume 49

Stratigraphic revision of the Cooper Group and the Chandler Bridge and Edisto Formations in the Coastal Plain of South Carolina by Robert E. Weems, L. Barry Albright, Laurel M. Bybell, David J. Cicimurri, Lucy E. Edwards, W. Burleigh Harris, William C. Lewis, Jason E. Osborne, Albert E. Sanders, and Jean M. Self-Trail

Superimposed oblique extension in the South Georgia Rift by C.W. Clendenin, Jr., Patrick D. Duff, C.S. Howard

Shoreline Change Analysis and Forecast, Edisto Island Complex, South Carolina by Briget C. Doyle and Madelyne R. Adams


Volume 48 (2012)Volume 48

Radiocarbon and Stratigraphic Analyses of Thousand Acre Marsh, Georgetown, SC, to Determine Depositional History and the Effects of Sea-Level Rise by A. Springer-Alkire, Paul T. Gayes, Douglas F. Williams, and Camilla Knapp

January 1, 1913 Union County, South Carolina Earthquake, Revisited by Pradeep Talwani and C. Scott Howard

Appendix: Reevaluation of Intensity Data for the January 1, 1913 Union County Earthquake by Pradeep Talwani and Donald Stevenson

Sequence of Brittle Faulting in the Inner Piedmont, South Carolina
by John M. Garihan


Volume 47 (2010)Volume 47

Editorial: Fieldwork Perspectives and Advice Edited by John M. Garihan, with contributions by Erin Beutel, C.W. Clendenin, Jr., James P. Hibbard, James L. Kalbas, Arthur W. Snoke, William A. Ranson, Charles H. Trupe, and Ralph Willoughby

Photo Essay: Recent Sinkhole Collapse by Amy Edwards and Devendra Amatya

Geologic Constraints on the Planform Geometry of the Congaree River, South Carolina by David C. Shelley and Arthur D. Cohen

Observations of the 1886 Charleston Earthquake in Central South Carolina, Evidence of Fault Reactivation
by C. Scott Howard


Volume 46 (2008)Volume 46

Gold Hill Shear Zone in the Central Piedmont of South Carolina by David P. Lawrence

Structure, Kinematics, and Timing of the Gold Hill Fault Zone in Hancock, South Carolina, and Waxhaw, North Carolina by John S. Allen, James P. Hibbard, and Irene B. Boland

The Role of Oblique Transpressive Strain Partitioning in the Development of the Brevard Zone, Northwest South Carolina by C. W. Clendenin, Jr. and J. M. Garihan


Volume 45 (2007)Volume 45

Recognition of the Eastatoee Fault in Northwest South Carolina and adjacent North Carolina by J.M. Garihan and C.W. Clendenin, Jr.

Polyphase Deformation in the Basal Chauga River Formation, Northwestern South Carolina by C. W. Clendenin, Jr., and J. M. Garihan

Braided-River Deposits (Pleistocene) From the Inner Piedmont of South Carolina by Stephen F. Poterala and James W. Castle

Volume 44 (2004)Volume 44

Sequencing polyphase deformation within the Inner Piedmont: field evidence near Marietta, South Carolina by C.W. Clendenin, Jr., and J.M.Garihan

Occurrence of uranium minerals at Maw Bridge pegmatite, Central, South Carolina by Richard D. Warner and Chris Fleisher

Progressive folding and deformation in the Carolina terrane, Columbia, South Carolina by C. Scott Howard

Volume 43 (2001)Volume 43

Observations of the Seneca fault and their implications for thrust sheet emplacement in the Inner Piedmont of the Carolinas by John M. Garihan

The Paris Mountain Project: Part 1.  Geology of the Taylors 7.5-minute quadrangle, Greenville County, South Carolina by John S. MacLean and Seth S. Blackwell

Transposition structures on Glassy Mountain, Saluda 7.5-minute quadrangle, Greenville County, South Carolina by C. Scott Howard

Geology of The Cliffs at Glassy development, southern Saluda 7.5-minute quadrangle, South Carolina by Cameron M. Warlick, C. W. Clendenin, and James W. Castle

Use of the WADI, a surface geophysical groundwater-prospecting tool, in the Piedmont of South Carolina to find groundwater in faults and fracture systems by H. Lee Mitchell

Fluvial geochemistry of selected tributary watersheds in the Enoree River basin, northwestern South Carolina by C. Brannon Andersen, Kenneth A. Sargent, John F. Wheeler, and Sandra K. Wheeler

Geology of the Inner Piedmont in the Caesars Head and Table Rock state parks area, northwestern South Carolina:  2001 Carolina Geological Society field trip by William A. Ranson and John M. Garihan

Overview of the workshop held in conjunction with the 2001 Carolina Geological Society meeting by Kenneth A. Sargent, C. Brannon Andersen, and David Hargett


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