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SEGSA Presentations

Southeastern Section of the Geological Society of America

The following posters and slideshows were presented by South Carolina Geological Survey geologists and/or their students. The posters are available for download in PDF format*. Most files are fairly large.

Recent SEGSA Talks
The Significance of Fluvial Sediment on Fish Habitat and Species Abundancy Broad River Basin, South Carolina by Kerry McCarney-Castle (2016) SEGSA_2016
(file download 5mb)
Sediment Source Tracking Using Stable Isotopes in a Mixed-Use Watershed, South Carolina, by Kerry McCarney-Castle, Tristan Childress, and Reid Heaton (2014) SEGSA_2012_Howard_Poster
(file download 5mb)
Recent SEGSA Posters
Lake Murray Spillway - Delving into the Core of the Dreher Shoals Terrane, Columbia, South Carolina, by C. Scott Howard (2012) SEGSA_2012_Howard_Poster
(file download 32mb)
The Orangeburg and Parler Scarps: Surficial Contacts Separating the Eocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene Sedimants in Allendale, South Carolina, by William R. Doar, III (2012) SEGSA_2012_Doar_Poster
(file download 32mb)
Deformational and metamorphic history of Campabello 7.5-minute quadrangle, Tugaloo terrane, Inner Piedmont, South Carolina, by Rhonda Chan Soo, Alyssa K. Wickard, John M. Garihan, and William A. Ranson (2011) GSA_2011_Garihan_Poster
(file download 1mb)
Results of the Sediment Elevation Table (SET) Project in the ACE Basin NERR, South Carolina, by William R. Doar, III and C. W. Clendenin (2011) SEGSA_2011_Doar_SETPoster
(file download 18mb)
Fringe depositional units: A way of tracing the modern transgression through geologic mapping, by William R. Doar, III (2011) SEGSA_2011_Doar_FringePoster
(file download 20mb)
Solution to the "Two-Talbot" problem of marine Pleistocene terraces in South Carolina, by Ralph H. Willoughby and W.R. Doar, III (2006)

(file download 13mb)

Revision of the Pleistocene Dorchester and Summerville Scarps, the inland limits of the Penholoway terrace, central South Carolina, by W. R. Doar, III and Ralph H. Willoughby (2006)

(file download 17mb)

Late Cretaceous-Cenozoic brittle faulting beneath the western South Carolina Coastal Plain: Reactivation of the Eastern Piedmont Fault System, by Paul G. Nystrom, Jr. (2006)

(file download 10mb)

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