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History Timeline of years 1900 - 1936

Year Information  
1900 The Lacey Act passed. It was the first federal law regulating the importation of birds and animals and interstate traffic of game.
Historical Photograph of Releasing a turkey into the Wild
1905 Provisions were made for each of the state’s forty-six counties to have game wardens. They drew no salary, but received one half of the fines they collected and one half of the fees of the non-resident licenses they sold.
Historical Photograph of Game Warden
1906 The South Carolina General Assembly created the State Board of Fisheries and charged it with the general supervision of commercial and tidal fishing along South Carolina’s coast.
Photograph of Bald Eagle

Act No. 293 provided that South Carolina’s bird, game, and non-migratory fish laws would be administered by a commissioner, to be known as the Chief Game Warden. This legislation signaled the birth of the state’s wildlife department.

Historical Picture of Deer kill
1914 The last known Passenger Pigeon died in the Cincinnati Zoo. The last two birds recorded in South Carolina were shot in 1890.
Passenger Pigeon
1917 The Carolina Parakeet became extinct. The last sightings in South Carolina were in 1864. This was very significant for beginnings of legislative wildlife conservation.
Carolina Parrot
1928 A hunting license law was established in South Carolina.  



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