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History Timeline of years 1937 - 1949

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1937 Due to catastrophic soil erosion during the Dust Bowl era, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the federal government urged states to address soil erosion by creating local conservation districts. The Conservation Districts Law, Act 182, provided for the creation of South Carolina’s 46 soil and water conservation districts and a state agency, the SC Soil & Water Conservation Committee, later to become the SC Land Resources Commission.
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1937 The Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act provides funding for the selection, restoration, rehabilitation and improvement of wildlife habitat, wildlife management research, and the distribution of information produced by the projects. The Act was amended October 23, 1970, to include funding for hunter training programs and the development, operation and maintenance of public target ranges.
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1938 The first conservation district farm plan in the nation was initiated in Oconee County, South Carolina.
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The year the Wildlife Dept. purchased its first property which was 5,866 acres in Hampton County and is now part of the Webb Center.

Historical Picture of Deer being released to wild
1947 The first biologist was hired by the Wildlife Department.  
1949 South Carolina’s deer and turkey stocking projects began.  



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