Outdoor Photography Competition
2009 Winners

Anhinga with Fish

Advanced - 1st Place

“Anhinga with Fish,” Overall Best of Show & 1st Place–Advanced, by Terry Shoemaker, Murrells Inlet.

Two Birds

Advanced - 2nd Place

“Two Birds,” 2nd Place–Advanced, by Mark Hoyle, Anderson.


Advanced - 2nd Place

“Woodstork,” 2nd Place–Advanced, by Scott McWatty, Lexington.

White Egrets

Advanced - 3rd Place

“White Egrets,” 3rd Place–Advanced, by Steve Ammons, Pineville.


Advanced - Honorable Mention

“Contemplation,” Honorable Mention – Advanced, by Allyson Hurley, Chatham, NJ.

Fish - Bill Perry Reef

Advanced - Honorable Mention

“Fish - Bill Perry Reef,” Honorable Mention – Advanced, by Steve Roos, Hartsville.

Botany Bay Sunrise

Advanced - Honorable Mention

“Botany Bay Sunrise,” Honorable Mention – Advanced, by Casey Szocinski, North Augusta.

Eastern King Bird

Advanced - Honorable Mention

“Eastern King Bird,” Honorable Mention – Advanced, by Steve Kilpatrick, Beech Island.

Wild Turkey

Advanced - Honorable Mention

“Strutter,” Honorable Mention, by Scott McWatty, Lexington.

Snowy Egret

Advanced - Honorable Mention

“Snowy Egret,” Honorable Mention, by Reg Daves, Conway.

Hawk on Branch

Amateur - 1st Place

“Hawk on Branch,” 1st Place–Amateur, by Murph Winn, Estill.

Egret on Lilly Pads

Amateur - 2nd Place

“Egret on Lilly Pads,” 2nd Place–Amateur, by Micah Ponce, Moncks Corner.

Rudy Turnstones Courtship

Amateur - 3rd Place

“Two Ruddy Turnstones Courtship,” by Fran Baer, Hilton Head Island.

Red Fox

Amateur - 3rd Place

“Grey Fox,” by Tarina Weese, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Fishermen in Boat

Amateur - Honorable Mention

“Fishermen in Boat,” Honorable Mention – Amateur, by Murph Winn, Estill.

Red-bellied woodpecker

Amateur - Honorable Mention

“Red-bellied woodpecker,” Honorable Mention – Amateur, by Marlin Brown, North Augusta.

His Majesty

Amateur - Honorable Mention

“His Majesty,” Honorable Mention – Amateur, by Pamela Corwin, Charleston.

American Oystercatcher

Amateur - Honorable Mention

“American Oystercatcher,” Honorable Mention – Amateur, by Catherine Miller, Charleston.


Amateur - Honorable Mention

“Butterfly,” Honorable Mention – Amateur, by Susan Stocker, Myrtle Beach.

Botany Bay Trees

Amateur - Honorable Mention

“Botany Bay Trees,” Honorable Mention – Amateur, by Leonard Vaughn, Lexington.

Ready to Run

Amateur - Honorable Mention

“Ready to Run,” Honorable Mention – Amateur, by Cindy Douglas, Round-O.

Botany Bay Seashells

Amateur - Honorable Mention

“Botany Bay Seashells,” Honorable Mention – Amateur, by Leonard Vaughn, Lexington.

**All above photos remain the property of the photographers.**

Photographers of all skill levels are invited to participate in South Carolina Wildlife magazine's 2009 Outdoor Photography Competition and Print Exhibition, held at the 2009 Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic. To request an entry brochure, write Tricia Way, South Carolina Wildlife, P.O. Box 167, Columbia, SC 29202-0167, or call (803) 734-3972 or e-mail her at

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