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Article for March - April 2012

Owned by a Little Brown Dog

Boykin Spaniel Society members love talking about their little brown dogs, and with good reason: LBDs make for great stories.

Boykin Spaniel - photography by Michael Foster"Years ago, a bush pilot in Alaska acquired a puppy from us. He got the dog because, although he had other dogs, the forty-pound Boykin could fly with him. (He said his last little dog had several thousand hours of flying with him all across Alaska.) One day, he said to me, 'Boykins are also wonderful bear dogs.'’ I asked what he meant — he lived on the Kenai Peninsula — and he said, '‘We have a cabin deep in bear country. If there’s a brown bear anywhere around the property, my Boykin will not go outside. This little dog is very smart. My other dogs will go outside in a heartbeat. Not this dog!' "

Jim Latimer, former BSS board chair

"I've got a sweet Boykin named Isabelle — Izzy — and she's my dog. (The dogs kind of decide themselves who they belong to.) I travel, and I'm back home only on the weekends. Six thirty on Friday evening, she goes and sits in front of the window that looks out up the driveway. She doesn't do it during the week, but she knows I'm supposed to be home about that time, so she waits for me. Once I arrive home, she has nothing to do with Millie for the rest of the weekend. Kinda like, 'Thanks a lot, but we don't need you anymore — Daddy's home!' "

Jim Latimer

"Back in 1994, we were out in Nebraska pheasant hunting with friends. We were busy working with larger dogs — Labs and bird dogs used to being out there — and our friends had never seen a Boykin before. Some pheasants were shot down, and they drifted over to a huge, tall cornfield. One of the fellas hunting with us said jokingly, 'Do you think your Boykin can go get that pheasant?' I said, "Well, certainly he can!' I gave him a direction, all the dogs followed him in there, and my Boykin came trotting out with that beautiful pheasant in his mouth. I was just as proud as I could be. That was a Kodak moment! We had to have a picture taken with all the dogs and the Boykin in the middle with the pheasant in his mouth. That probably was the most inspiring thing that led us to want to continue with our Boykins."

Marie Hodge, BSS member and South Carolina Boykin breeder

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