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Article for March - April 2013

Bog Plant Ethics
text and photos by Mike Creel

Pitcher Plants for sale at State Farmers Market - photography by Mike CreelIt is illegal to collect plants and seeds from the naturally-occurring bogs on protected public lands managed by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, S.C. Forestry Commission, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service and other conservation organizations. Such areas are refuges to protect the plants, natural communities and associated animals from extinction. For the aspiring bog gardener, these protected wild areas should be places for photography, learning plant species and recording ideas for homemade bogs only! Local, mail order and Internet nurseries offer an increasing variety of ethically propagated, garden-tested bog plants and hybrids to use in gardening.

More Species for Outdoor Bog Gardens

Parrot pitcher plants - photography Mike Creel

Look for these in local, mail order and on-line nurseries:

  • Yellow pitcher plant (Sarracenia flava)
  • Purple pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea)
  • Red pitcher plant (Sarracenia rubra)
  • Dwarf pitcher plant (Sarracenia minor)
  • White-top pitcher plant (Sarracenia leucophylla)
  • Parrot pitcher plant (Sarracenia psittacina)
  • Other hybrid Sarracenias (many varieties)
  • Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula), numerous named varieties
  • Sundew (Drosera intermedia. filiformis, etc.)
  • Butterwort (Pinguicula primuliflora, caerulea, lutea, pumila, others)
  • Cardinalflower (Lobelia cardinalis), named varieties
  • Blue lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica and others)
  • Barbara's buttons (Marshallia graminifolia, grandiflora), etc.
  • Bog buttons (Lachnocaulon anceps, etc.)
  • Pipeworts or hat pins (syngonanthus flavidulus)
  • Savannah sneezeweed (Helenium vernale)
  • Carolina bogmint (Macbridea caroliniana)
  • Sunbonnets (Chaptalia tomentosa)
  • Shade mudflower (Micranthemum umbrosum) good groundcover
  • Orange milkwort (Polygala lutea) biennial
  • Marsh pink (Sabatia kennedyana)
  • Smooth meadowbeauty (Rhexia alifanus)
  • Yellow meadowbeauty (Rhexia lutea)
  • Colicroot (Aletris lutea) Yellow summer flowers
  • Honeycombhead (Balduina uniflora)
  • Carolina grass of Parnassus (Parnassia caroliniana)
  • Native orchids (Do not use endangered orchids)
  • Yellow-fringed orchid (Platanthera ciliaris)
  • Ladies tresses (Spiranthes species), varieties
  • Grasspink orchid (Calopogon tuberosus)
  • Rose pogonia (Pogonia ophioglossoides)

Links for South Carolina Bog Gardeners

Retired DNR public information specialist, freelance writer and accomplished amateur naturalist Mike Creel has extensive experience gardening with native South Carolina plants.

The South Carolina Botanical Garden at Clemson University has a native plant display bog and an annual plant sale. Visit or call (864) 656-3405 for more information.

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