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Article for September - October 2011

Lynches River Journal

The following excerpts are from a trip journal kept by State Scenic Rivers Program Coordinator Mary Crockett during a ten-day journey down the Lynches River in 2008. You can read her complete journal and see more pictures on our website. The "Lynches River Water Trail Guide" provides detailed information about exploring the river and can be downloaded for free at

Paddlers float down the Little Pee Dee - photograph by Mary Crockett

Day Two . . . Cooking a nice breakfast, breaking camp and setting up a shuttle run for the vehicles put us on the water a little later. Two hours into the trip we had to choose whether to take the older river channel to the right or the newer river channel to the left. We decided on the river channel to the left and then log-jumped one fallen tree.

Day Three . . . The river at the Highway 76 landing was slower and more lake-like than its normal, swift-moving current. Half an hour into the trip, we did the “limbo” under a downed pine tree. Past this blowdown, the floodplain was dense, lush and green with lots of bird sounds. A prothonotary warbler crossed our path and a kingfisher escorted us downriver.

Day Five . . . As we started down the river, we noticed signs of beaver activity, such as chew marks on the bases of trees as well as on limbs over the river, and a possible den behind a root ball of a fallen log. Later, a river otter poked its head out of the water and took a look at us. Around noon, we arrived at the Lynches River County Park Canoe Launch where we pulled our canoe into the launch area and stretched our legs by walking up the hill to check out the new educational discovery center.

Day Seven . . . The last half of this river section of the trail is a large swamp floodplain forest, giving us many options as to which channel to paddle. We took a small channel with fast-flowing water, winding through the trees past an old shad fishing hut, that led us to a lake-like area above Half Moon Landing.

Read the entire notes from the Lynches River canoe trip.

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