National Estuarine Research Reserve

NERR - Research - Phase 2

Biological Monitoring

The second phase of SWMP, Biological Monitoring, was initiated in summer of 2004. The objective of this phase is to characterize biotic diversity in the reserves’ estuarine ecosystems by assessing community composition and species abundance and distributions. The ACE participated in the NERRS pilot study during 2004-2005 to test and evaluate the efficacy of the protocol for monitoring South Carolina emergent marshes. Scott Creek watershed was selected to conduct the emergent pilot study because the ACE is interested in quantifying the current distribution, composition, and relative abundance of estuarine plant communities in a marsh impacted by the construction of a causeway over the creek. Several physical factors (water level, salinity, and pH) and biological factors (species composition, percent species cover, and species density) were measured during the pilot study.

Study Area in Scott Creek Watershed

Study Area in Scott Creek Watershed



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