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South Carolina Coastal Low Impact Development (LID) Manual: Needs, Use and Lessons Learned

Sponsored by SCDNR/ACE Basin Coastal Training Program, SC Sea Grant Consortium, Carolina Clear, Ashley Cooper Stormwater Education Consortium, Coastal Waccamaw Stormwater Education Constortium, and SCDHEC-OCRM

Objectives for the meeting:

  • Inform participants of recent, regional LId manuals and their development, use and effectiveness.
  • Develop a common working knowledge of the phrase "Low Impact Development," through the use of keypad polling and an interactive activity.
  • Foster a feeling of active involvement in the overall manual development process so that participatns feel as if the manual is thier own product.
  • Gather information from participatns about their needs from the content and use of such a manual.

Final Report on Workshops and Subsequent Survey


Breakout Session Discussions

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