Characterization of the Ashepoo-Combahee-Edisto (ACE) Basin, South Carolina

Urban Areas

Bar graph showing Projected Population Growth Rates in Study Area, source from Draft Colleton County Land Use Plan, 1997

Diversification in the form of manufacturing and light industry has helped with economic growth and employment in urban areas. Because of this economic growth, urban and residential land cover in the study area has increased by 809 ha (2,000 ac) from 1989 to 1994. By the year 2010, it's expected the county's 1990 population of 34,377 people will increase to over 47,500 people. Most of the county's population growth is projected to occur in Walterboro and Cottageville, with more modest growth occurring in and around the towns of Hendersonville and Edisto Beach. Recent growth trends indicate that the highest growth potential will occur in areas east of Walterboro along Highway 17A toward Cottageville and north of Walterboro along Highway 15, where land is available for development.

Because the urban areas of Colleton County are expected to significantly expand over the next decade, the Colleton County Land Use Planning Task Force is developing a land use plan. Potential goals of this plan are to improve the quality of development, minimize the loss of farm and forested lands, discourage urban sprawl, provide better affordable housing, safeguard wetlands, and protect historic and cultural resources. The success of the plan depends on the willingness of residents to accept land use planning and development standards as a means of channeling growth in ways that not only enhance economic assets but also maintain the rural way of life.