SC Marine Game Fish Tagging Program

How It Works

Once an angler has purchased the tagging gun he/she can contact the SCDNR Marine Game Fish Tagging Program and become enrolled. Tags (T-bar anchor tags for specific use with the Dennison tag gun), practice tags, (5) data sheets, and (5) business reply envelopes are supplied free of charge. The actual tags to be used for tagging marine game fish are supplied in strips of 25. Additional tags will be supplied when at least one completed data sheet has been received. Because the T-bar anchor tags are only suitable for use on fish between 10 and 27 inches, larger fish should be tagged using the nylon dart tags with the appropriate applicator. The nylon dart tag kit comes with an applicator (if needed) and 10 tags with corresponding information cards and is provided free of charge. However, before you can receive the nylon dart tags, you must have demonstrated active participation in the program through tagging and reporting (i.e. mailing in at least one data sheet) using the T-bar anchor tags.

Anglers are asked to mail in initial tag cards as soon as possible. Data sheets can be mailed in using the supplied postage paid envelopes, faxed in or scanned and emailed. Data sheets do not need to be full before being mailed in, in fact the sooner they are sent in the better.

Once an angler has all the necessary equipment to begin tagging fish, they are then encouraged to read over all information provided on the SC Marine Game Fish Tagging website paying particular attention to the "Frequently Asked Questions". Anglers should also watch all of the instructional videos to become familiar with the proper techniques for tagging, measuring and releasing fish.

Anglers will be notified if/when any of their tagged fish are recovered.