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#06-330 December 4, 2006

Tree stand safety: a hunter’s priority

Hunters should make safety their first priority when using tree stands. When used properly and with safety in mind, tree stands can provide the “edge” deer hunters need for a successful hunt. Too many times, however, tree stands can become dangerous and deadly for experienced and inexperienced hunters alike. With common sense and an awareness of potential hazards, tree stand users can provide a safe and enjoyable experience.

“Each year in South Carolina deer hunters are injured, some fatally, due to improper or careless tree stand use,” said Lt. Jim Wagers, hunter education coordinator for the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR). “Enjoy your time in the field, so make sure to inspect your equipment,” added Wagers.”

Of tree stands on the market today, none are 100 percent foolproof. The DNR offers the following tips for a successful and safe tree stand deer hunt:

In addition to these tree stand safety recommendations always wear a visible hat, vest or coat of international orange while deer hunting. The use of international orange is required on all Wildlife Management Area (WMA) lands during the gun and muzzleloader hunting seasons for deer and hogs. All hunters must wear either a hat, coat, or vest of solid visible international orange, except hunters for dove and duck are exempt from this requirement while hunting those species.

Call the DNR hunter and boater education office in Columbia at (803) 734-3995 for information on DNR hunter education courses.
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