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#06-72 March 20, 2006

New publication to enhance saltwater fishing identification

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources announces the availability of a new fishing guide, “Saltwater Fish N’ Limits: Get Hooked on Conservation.”

The guide illustrates 19 of the most commonly caught saltwater fish species, such as tarpon, spottedSheepshead sea trout, sheepshead, red drum, and southern flounder, and lists catch limits and size restrictions for each fish. The guide is fitted with a waterproof license holder, making it transportable and durable for saltwater anglers. The color drawings of the guide help to accurately identify commonly caught fish, allowing anglers to abide by current rules and regulations. Because anglers are responsible for being knowledgeable of and adhering to any regulatory changes that may occur, the publication provides ample space for updating each fish’s catch and size limit.

The “Saltwater Fish N’ Limits” guide will be available at the Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic in Columbia March 24-26, as well as several upcoming boat shows in the Charleston area over the next few months: the Shallow Water Fishing Expo April 1-2, and the In-Water Boat Show April 27-30.  The S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) also has copies available at the Marine Resources Division in Charleston. For more information, contact Jeff Mollenhauer at (843) 953-9809, and visit the South Carolina Saltwater Recreational Fishing License Web site.

In addition, anglers are reminded of the conservation benefits of using circle hooks, with a segment of the guide attributed to their advantages. Recent research supports that fish mortality rates decline with the practice of catch and release using non-offset circle hooks, helping to protect South Carolina’s fish populations. As recreational saltwater fishing popularity increases along coastal South Carolina, the importance that anglers practice conservation methods increases. 

According to Mollenhauer, the goal of the "Saltwater Fish N' Limits" guide is to help anglers identify the most commonly caught saltwater fish in South Carolina and serve as a quick reference for size and catch limits. The guide is small, waterproof, and comes with its own fishing license holder.

The publication was made possible in part with funds from the South Carolina Saltwater Recreational Fishing License Program, which was created to manage and conserve fishery resources of the state.  Anglers who purchase an annual saltwater fishing license help support activities such as fish stocking, shellfish restoration, construction of artificial reefs to improve fishing opportunities, fisheries research projects, distribution of informative publications, and public education programs.
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