Lake Hartwell PCB Settlement

Public asked to provide input on potential projects for Lake Hartwell PCB Settlement

Draft South Carolina Recreational Fishing Compensation Plan

Draft of South Carolina Recreational Fishing Compensation Plan
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Lake Hartwell Restoration & Compensation Determination Plan - Final March 2006
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Review the seven videos below. Each video summarizes a project to use the funds for SC Recreational Fishing Compensation Plan. Please review the videos and the plan, then complete the survey to help the Trustees prioritize the projects. Your feedback is important and will be seriously considered. The purpose of this survey is not to have a "vote" on projects, but to obtain information for the Trustees' consideration.

Videos - South Carolina Recreational Fishing Compensation Plan:

  1. Introduction, Monitoring and Stream Restoration Projects

  2. Fish Habitat Enhancement

  3. Public Access / Fishing Piers

  4. Hartwell Tailrace Fishing Access

  5. Green Pond Event Center

  6. Off-site Recreational Fishing

  7. Unfunded Projects

SC Recreational Fishing Compensation Plan survey

Draft of South Carolina Recreational Fishing Compensation Plan

In 1995, the Lake Hartwell Natural Resource Trustees initiated work to acquire a settlement for natural resource injuries to Lake Hartwell associated with PCB contamination. Their findings indicated two major areas of natural resource injury: (1) Ecological Injury, especially to Twelvemile Creek, and (2) the Recreational Fishery Injury of Lake Hartwell. A settlement with Schlumberger Technology Corporation (STC) was achieved in 2006, resulting in approval of a consent decree in federal court on May 30, 2006. The Ecological Injury is being addressed by removal of the two Woodside Dams and associated stream restoration. The Ecological Injury was further addressed by the funds being provided for biological monitoring of dam removal and some additional stream restoration projects in the watershed.

This document primarily addresses the Recreational Fishery Injury and proposals to use the remaining funds for the injury to Lake Hartwell’s recreational fishery. In regards to damage to the recreational fishery, the 2006 federal consent decree states that funds will be used for recreational fishing to:

  1. "Create opportunities for the public generally to harvest fish that are not subject to fish consumption advisories currently in place for Lake Hartwell and 12-Mile Creek,
  2. Enhance the recreational fishery of Lake Hartwell, 12-Mile Creek, and the surrounding area, and/or
  3. Implement projects designed to improve the habitat and natural resources within the 12-Mile Creek corridor."