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June 17, 2010

Changes to bag limit for weakfish effective July 1, 2010

As of July 1, 2010 the bag limit for weakfish (also known as summer trout) in South Carolina state waters will be one fish per person per day. This is a change from the previous bag limit of 10 per person per day.

"Know the Difference" - Check out the Pdf file poster on weakfish and spotted seatrout.

Weakfish are managed through the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC), and as a result of the most recent stock assessment which indicated that weakfish stocks along the Atlantic coast are severely depleted, all Atlantic coast states where weakfish are found must be in compliance with new conservation measures implemented in Addendum IV to Amendment 4 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Weakfish. According to the ASMFC, the one fish recreational bag limit, required now of all Atlantic coast states, is necessary to achieve the conservation goals and objectives of the Fishery Management Plan to rebuild the depleted weakfish stock.

In South Carolina, weakfish are not as common as spotted seatrout, however, weakfish are typically encountered by recreational anglers fishing nearshore reefs, other structures, or natural hard bottom areas during the spring and fall. Weakfish can be identified by their numerous undefined small spots which are absent on the second dorsal fin and dark olive to bluish coloration.

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