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October 14, 2010

Error on Wambaw WMA hunt date in printed Rules & Regs

An incorrect date (Oct. 27-28) is listed in the 2010-2011 Rules & Regulations brochure as a deer hunt with dogs on the Wambaw Wildlife Management Area (WMA).

Oct. 27-28 is not open for dog hunting on the Wambaw WMA. It is open for still gun hunting since deer hunting with dogs will not take place on those two dates. This was an error in the printed version of the 2010-2011 Rules and Regulations brochure but has been corrected in the on-line version of the brochure.

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Law Enforcement officers will be on the Wambaw WMA patrolling the area on Oct. 27-28 to ensure deer hunting with dogs does not occur.

Hunters are also reminded that all harvested deer from the Francis Marion National Forest, must be checked in at the nearest deer check station. Check stations near the Francis Marion National Forest include: Dennis Wildlife Center, Elmwood Check Station, Witherbee Ranger Station, Handy Mart, Arrowhead Motel & Campground, Wambaw Ranger Station, McClellanville Feed & Seed, P&C Grocery, Buck & Boar, Village Grocery, Atlantic Game & Tackle, and Haddrell's Point Tackle and Supply.

Site specific check stations have been set up during the either-sex deer hunts with dogs on the Francis Marion Forest. In order to gather biological information, all harvested deer on those days may only be checked in at the following locations: Northampton WMA & Wambaw WMA either-sex deer hunt with dogs (Dec.11) (P&C Grocery, Kangaroo in Jamestown, Honey Hill Lookout Tower, Awendaw Check Station); Santee WMA & Hellhole WMA either-sex deer hunt with dogs (Nov. 6) (Bonneau Ferry WMA entrance, Hellhole check station off of Hwy 41, or M&B Alvin Community Mart). Deer harvested from the Francis Marion National Forest on either-sex deer hunts with dogs must be checked in prior to one hour after legal sunset.

Operating hours of the local voluntary check stations will vary. Check a 2010-2011 Wildlife Management Area Map for specific times and check station locations.

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