2012 - 2013 Deer Seasons on Public Lands

Game Zone 2

Game Zone 2

On WMA lands with designated check stations, all deer bagged must be checked at a check station. Deer bagged too late for reporting one day must be reported the following day. Unless otherwise specified by the department, only bucks (male deer) may be taken on all WMA lands. Male deer must have antlers visible two (2) inches above the hairline to be legally bagged on “bucks only” hunts. Male deer with visible antlers of less than two (2) inches above the hairline must be taken only on eithersex days or pursuant to permits issued by the department. A point is any projection at least one inch long and longer than wide at some location at least one inch from the tip of the projection. Antler spread is the greatest outside measurement (main beam or points) on a plane perpendicular to the skull. On WMA lands, man drives for deer or hogs are permitted between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM only, except that no man drives may be conducted on days designated by the department for taking deer of either-sex. On WMA lands, drivers participating in man drives are prohibited from carrying or using weapons. On WMA lands, in Game Zones 1 & 2 man drives will be permitted on the last four (4) scheduled either-sex days. A man drive is defined as an organized hunting technique involving two (2) or more individuals whereby an attempt is made to drive game animals from cover or habitat for the purpose of shooting, killing or moving such animals toward other hunters.

Deer either-sex days for gun hunts are as follows:

Additional WMA Regulations

Area County Still Hunting Rules/Regulations
Keowee Oconee and Pickens

Archery- Oct. 15-Dec. 22 Either-Sex

Limit: 2 per day, 3 deer total. Total may not include more than 1 buck

No Dogs
Fant's Grove Oconee, Pickens, Anderson

Archery- Oct. 15-Dec. 22 Either-Sex

Limit: 1 buck only 2 per day, 3 deer total

Bucks must have at least 4 points on 1 side or minimum 12 inch anter spread
Draper York Game Zone 2 WMA Seasons and Limits  
Broad River Waterfowl Management Area Fairfield

Archery- Sept. 15- Oct. 31 Either-Sex

Limit: 2 per day, 3 deer total

Rock Hill Blackjacks HP York

Archery- Sept. 15-29, Nov. 26-Jan.1 Either-Sex

Limit: 2 per day, 3 deer total

Worth Mountain York Game Zone 2 seasons and limits apply.

Quality Deer Management Area- Antlered Bucks must have 4 points on one side or a minimum 12-inch antler spread.

Use of individual deer tags and county wide Either-Sex days apply.

Belfast Laurens and Newberry

Archery- Sept. 17-22 Either-Sex Limit: 2 per day, 3 per hunt period. No more than 1 buck (antler restrictions apply)

Archery & Muzzleloader- Oct. 6 Either-Sex Limit: 2 per day. No more than 1 buck (antler restrictions apply)

Gun Hunts- Still gun hunts by drawing only. See WMA Public Draw hunts on page 31. "

All hunters must sign in and out upon entering or leaving Belfast WMA.

Belfast WMA is closed to public access of all types one hour after sunset until one hour before sunrise except for hunts regulated by SCDNR.

Hunters may not enter the WMA prior to 5:00 AM on designated hunts.

Public visitation is not allowed during scheduled deer or turkey hunts.

Data cards are required for hunter access. Completed data cards must be returned daily upon leaving Belfast WMA.

Hunters are required to have a data card in possession while on the property during scheduled hunts.

Bucks must have a minimum 4 points on one side or a minimum 12” antler spread. "


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