Zero Waste

Zero Waste

What exactly is zero waste? The concept is simple: throw away less trash on a daily basis to reduce the amount of trash sent to landfills. This idea mirrors the reusing methods utilized by many creatures in nature. It's not just about less trash - it's a mindset that ensures the production of less trash on a daily basis. With that said, how many of you are ready to take the Zero Waste Challenge?

Here are a few tips to prepare you for the challenge:

1. Use silverware rather than plastic utensils.

2. Replace paper towels with cloth napkins.

3. Recycle as many items as you can such as plastic bottles, cans, paper, plastic goods, etc.

4. Pack your own lunch. According to, disposable lunches annually generate 100 pounds of trash per person.

5. Go digital. Are you the average office worker who uses two pounds of paper per day? Take notes on your computer and communicate with your colleagues via e-mail rather than using paper.

This next one may be difficult, but try to do the following at least once every 30 days:

6. Carpool with co-workers a few times per week to reduce the negative impacts vehicle fumes have on the environment. According to Sightline Institute, carpooling with two other passengers creates a mere .05 pounds of carbon emissions per person per mile, even in an average car getting about 23 miles per gallon. If you're able to take part in carpooling, we want to hear about it! Email us at and tell us about your experience!

So, are you ready for the Zero Waste Challenge? The ultimate goal: recycle it, upcycle it, or reuse it- don't trash it! Not only are you helping to save the environment- you might even save a few dollars in the process!