Hydrology - Water Resources Report 40

Ground-Water Resources of Clarendon County, South Carolina

Roy Newcome, Jr.


Clarendon County is well endowed with ground water suitable for all uses. Quantities obtainable from wells are adequate for public supplies, industrial uses, and irrigation. Well yields as great as 1,500 gallons per minute are obtained, and many wells can produce more than 100 gallons per minute. The water is of good quality, being soft and low in mineral content.

The Black Creek and Middendorf Formations, of Cretaceous age, contain sand aquifers throughout the Coastal Plain of South Carolina, and these aquifers supply most of the wells in Clarendon County. The deepest well recorded is 950 feet, but most wells are less than 500 feet.

Aquifer transmissivities ranging from 1,900 to 60,000 gallons per day per foot of aquifer width have been calculated from approximately 20 pumping tests of the aforementioned aquifers in Clarendon County and nearby in adjacent counties. Electric logs of wells indicate numerous sand aquifers to a depth of about 900 feet.

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