Hydrology - SCDNR Open-File Report 8

Wells Used by the Major Public Water Supplies of South Carolina’s Coastal Plain

Roy Newcome, Jr.


Wells provide all or part of the water supply for many of the municipalities and rural water systems of the 28 counties in the Coastal Plain of South Carolina. In a few of the systems the wells are maintained on standby for use in emergencies.

The tabulation herein identifies the wells currently in use and on standby status, gives their depth and current pumping rate, and indicates the presence of electrical logs, chemical analyses, and pumping tests in the files of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. This information can be of use in designing additional or replacement wells.

The primary source of the listing presented here is the computer files of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, the agency that regulates public water supplies. Extensive verification and correction of the file data were required to obtain the most current use. The staff members of many water systems were most cooperative in providing updated well information.

It should be understood that a tabulation such as this is, of necessity, an “as of the moment” enterprise. New wells are always being added and old ones abandoned or relegated to standby status. More detailed technical information on the wells in this tabulation can be obtained from the Department of Natural Resources at 2221 Devine Street, Suite 222, Columbia, SC 29205, or by calling (803) 734-6100.

This open-file report is available for review in the SCDNR's Columbia office.