Hydrology - USGS/SCWRC Report 5

Low-Flow Characteristics of Streams in the Inner Coastal Plain of
South Carolina

William M. Bloxham


The Inner Coastal Plain lies diagonally across the center of South Carolina. It consists of primary coastal plain sediments of well-developed relief and receives an average annual rainfall of about 45 inches. Streamflow, in dry weather, is sustained with moderate to generous yields. The low-flow potential at 74 sites is shown by a display of annual minimum 7-day values on a map of the study area. In some areas, there is conformance to a general pattern but, overall, a wide variability in low-flow characteristics is evident. The primary factors involved are believed to be varying combinations of depth of stream valley incisement, area of recharge to the aquifers, and variability of aquifer yields. Their effect on low flow is not well defined from basin characteristics, and regionalization as a method of estimating low-flow characteristics is not recommended for the Inner Coastal Plain. Except for their general acidic nature and high iron content, the water quality of the streams is excellent.

Copies of this report are available in the SCDNR's Columbia office.