Hydrology - USGS/SCWRC Report 10

A Tracer Study of the Flushing Time of the Sampit Estuary, Georgetown, South Carolina

F.A. Johnson


Rhodamine WT dye was injected into lower and upper areas of Sampit River at Georgetown, S.C. in April 1977 to determine flushing time of the river during a period of moderately dry weather. In the lower section, dye had flushed from the river or was undetectable after 35 days, although approximately 90 percent was undetectable after 2 weeks. In the upper section, dye did not flush out but decreased greatly in concentration due to dispersion and dye losses. Results of an accompanying laboratory examination could not account totally for the natural dye losses which occurred in Sampit River.

Copies of this report are available in the SCDNR's Columbia office.