Hydrology - USGS/SCWRC Report 11

Low-Flow Frequency and Flow Duration of South Carolina Streams

William M. Bloxham


Streamflow data of 71 continuous record stations are shown in analytical summaries. Tabulations of low-flow frequency and flow duration data and minimum flow arrays are preceded by a description of climate and physical factors. Explanations of the variables affecting low flow and the lack of homogeneity within the State are illustrated with low-flow frequency curves from different physiographic regions. A standard period of record common to each site could not be determined. Short records were adjusted to extend the length of sampling period by correlation and moderate frequency curve extensions. Low-flow frequency estimates are based on graphical rather than mathematical curve fittings because of the deviation of computed values at low probability levels. Regulation and diversion factors are accounted for in the analyses and identified in the station descriptions.

Copies of this report are available in the SCDNR's Columbia office.