Hydrology - SCWRC Report 148

Water Use in South Carolina, July-December 1983

Joseph A. Harrigan


Since July 1, 1983, water use data have been collected under the authority of Act 282, the Water Use Reporting and Coordination Act of 1982. Water users with single-day maximum water usage equal to or exceeding 100,000 gallons are required to report their water usage to the South Carolina Water Resources Commission. Not all water users have complied with the Act.

During the six-month period July-December 1983, water withdrawals averaged 6,456 mgd (million gallons per day), which is 11.7 percent more than in 1980. Surface water was the source for 6,347 mgd, or 98.3 percent, and 109 mgd was withdrawn from ground water sources.

Thermoelectric power generation accounted for 77.1 percent of the water use, industry 17.1 percent, public supply 5.2 percent, and agriculture irrigation 0.6 percent. Golf course irrigation, heated wastewater evaporation, and wastewater return are not considered.

Copies of this report are available in the SCDNR's Columbia office.