Hydrology - Open-File Report 18

Chloride Conditions in the Floridan Aquifer in Beaufort County,
South Carolina:

Data Collected During May 1985

Mark R. Davies


Chloride levels in the ground water of the Floridan aquifer are causing serious concern in coastal Beaufort County. For this reason, a network of 140 wells is monitored every May and December to chart changes in chloride concentrations. Data collected in May 1985 indicate that little change has occurred, in general, since the time of previous reports (Hayes, 1979 and Spencer, 1984). There are, however, widely separated localities, such as Cat Island, Datha Island, and Victoria Bluff that have shown increased chlorides owing to upconing and lateral encroachment.

In general, the chloride concentrations tend to be greatest at the edges of the smaller sea islands and least at the centers, where recharge occurs. This situation exists on Ladies, St. Helena, and Port Royal Islands.

This open-file report is available for review in the SCDNR's Columbia office.