South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Hydrology Section

Coastal Plain Water Well Inventory

This application was developed by the SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR), Hydrology Section for finding information about groundwater wells in South Carolina's Coastal Plain region. More information on the wells in this application can be obtained by contacting the SCDNR Hydrology Section.

Disclaimer: The SCDNR does not guarantee the accuracy of this well information. The accuracy and precision of individual well locations is not guaranteed. Many well locations were collected to the nearest Second (or roughly 100 ft) and should not be regarded as survey locations. Some well locations have been changed so that wells with very close proximity are visible in the application. In many cases, our well information comes from old records, and as a result, some of the information, such as the well owner or the well use, may no longer be accurate. This is in no way a complete inventory of all the water wells in the South Carolina Coastal Plain.