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Regulations for Propagating Pen-Raised Quail In SC

Picture of Quail50-11-1350. “Pen-raised quail” defined.

A “pen-raised quail” is one that is hatched and subsequently wholly raised and confined in a pen or coop.

50-11-1360. Authorization to engage in business of propagating pen-raised quail.

With the approval of the Department, any person may engage in the business of propagating pen-raised quail for commercial purposes upon compliance with this article.

50-11-1370. Commercial quail breeder’s license.

A commercial quail breeder’s license must first be obtained from the Department. The license may be purchased at any time and is good only for the fiscal year, July first through June thirtieth, in which it is issued. The license fee is five dollars, and each license must be numbered by the Department

50-11-1380. Pen-raised quail for consumption on hotel, restaurant, boarding house or club premises

The keeper of a hotel, restaurant, boarding house or club may sell pen-raised quail for food to be consumed on the premises and is not required to hold a license therefore.

50-11-1390. Revocation of or refusal to issue a breeder’s license.

The Department, when it has evidence that any breeder is violating the intent of this article and is not cooperating with the department in a desirable manner, may revoke the breeder’s license and may refuse to issue the license and seals or tags to the breeder. Where a person has a record of game violations, the department may refuse to issue the breeder’s license.

50-11-1400. Sale of pen-raised quail.

Any person complying with this article may sell live pen-raised quail for propagating purposes or may sell the carcasses of the pen-raised quail for any purpose, including sale for food.

50-11-1410. Information required on package of pen-raised quail shipped out of state; records.

Before being offered for sale other that alive or for propagation purposes or shipped within the State, all packages or bags of pen-raised quail carcasses must be labeled, marked, or stamped, in such a way so as to give the following information: the hatchery in which the quail is produced, its location and address. This information must not be removed from the package or bag of quail except by the ultimate consumer. In addition, the hatchery is required to keep accurate records of all sales of pen-raised quail and to make these records available for inspection upon request by the department.

50-11-1420. Copy of invoice of pen-raised quail sold or shipped in State.

When any pen-raised quail is sold or shipped into this State, the shipper or seller shall furnish the department with a copy of the invoice showing the number of the quail so shipped or sold and to whom the quail was shipped or sold. Any pen-raised quail sold or shipped in violation of this section is subject to confiscation by the department.

50-11-1430. Killing of pen-raised quail.

All pen-raised quail offered for sale must be killed otherwise than by shooting.

50-11-1440. Trapping wild quail.

It is unlawful to trap wild quail for the purpose of obtaining birds to be pen-raised or to obtain wild quail eggs to be pen-raised or hatched.

50-11-1450. Violation of article, penalty.

Any person violating any of the provisions of this article is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be punished by a fine of two hundred dollars or thirty days imprisonment for each offense and shall forfeit his license and tags and may not secure any additional license during that year.

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