GIS Standards, Policies, and Procedures

Our philosophy in developing GIS data has been to adhere to national standards set forth by the various national mapping programs. This insures consistency in our database throughout the state and permits us to cost-share with the participating Federal agencies resulting in significant savings. Additionally, adherence to national standards insures positional and classification accuracy and regional data compatibility.

We used the 7.5 minute, 1:24,000 USGS topographic map as the base providing a standard scale from which to map the state's natural resources. This scale permits large-scale analyses to be performed which previously had been impossible. There are 566 of these maps within the state's boundaries which is a manageable number of maps for database management.

DNR Standards

The primary GIS software utilized by the agency is ArcGIS desktop and server software by ESRI and ERDAS Imagine for imagery applications by Hexagon Geospacial.

The DNR GIS User Group is currently developing a GIS & GPS standards and procedures guide for the agency. Please contact the Technology Development Program for more information.

National and State Standards