Board of the Department of Natural Resources

Rembert C. Dennis Building
1000 Assembly Street, Room 335
Columbia, SC
November 18, 2005 9:30 a.m.

The regular meeting of the Board of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources was held at 9:30 am, on Friday, November 18, 2005, in room 335 of the Rembert C. Dennis Building, Columbia, South Carolina. Notice of the date, time and place of the meeting was posted and mailed to the news media. Chairman Mike McShane presided at the meeting. Board members present included Michael Campbell, Stephen Davis, John Evans, Frank Murray and Smith Ragsdale. Board Member Karen Floyd was present by conference call. Mr. John Frampton and staff members of the Department of Natural Resources were present at the meeting, as were various guests.

  1. Call to Order
    Chairman McShane called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. and welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  2. Invocation
    Chairman McShane asked Lt. Col. Van McCarty to offer the invocation.
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
    Vice Chairman Campbell led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.
  4. Introduction of Guests
    Dan Dobbins introduced Angela Viney, SC Wildlife Federation and Joey Holleman, with The State newspaper.
  5. Constituent Comments
    Chairman McShane noted that there were no requests for constituent comment.
  6. Approval of Minutes
    Chairman McShane asked if there were any additions, deletions or corrections to the minutes of the October 21, 2005 meeting. There being none, Mr. Evans made a motion to accept the minutes of the October 21, 2005 meeting as presented. Mr. Campbell seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.
  7. Presentations/Commendations
    Mr. Frampton informed the group of the passing of Director Emeritus, Dr. James A. Timmerman, Jr., on November 12.

    Mr. Frampton also informed the group of the passing of Linda Campbell’s mother and Todd Campbell’s grandmother and Technician Eric Martin’s seven-month old son.

  8. Advisory Committee Reports
    1. Heritage Trust
      Barry Beasley reported that the Heritage Trust Advisory Board met on November 3, at Francis Marion in Florence. The Advisory Board received reports on the State Wildlife Conservation Plan, the Forest Legacy Program and recent activities of the Conservation Bank. The Advisory Board received an in depth report from Paul League concerning the use of Heritage Land Trust Funds for the purchase of property. The Advisory Board approved the conveyance of a conservation easement at Barry’s Mill. The Board approved moving forward with the issuance of revenue bonds for land acquisition, using Heritage Trust funds as the guarantee for bond payment. The Board approved funding for several acquisitions.
    2. Law Enforcement
      Mr. Campbell reported that the Law Enforcement Advisory Committee met November 2, at Millaree Hunt Club. The Advisory Board received updates on Hurricane Katrina, deer population and activities of Region 3.
    3. Saltwater Recreational Fisheries
      Robert Boyles reported that the Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Advisory Board met November 10, at the Marine Resources Center. Mr. Boyles reported that the Advisory Board received project updates. Mr. Boyles informed the Board of the following motions by the Advisory Board. A motion that DNR strongly consider stocking red drum in the ACE Basin, a request for staff to draft a letter of support for a proposed NOAA weather data buoy off of Georgetown, and requested to be informed of the Department’s finalized legislative package. The Advisory Board received updates on public information and outreach activities, estuarine artificial reefs, Marine Recreational Angler Survey and dolphin tagging.
    4. Migratory Waterfowl
      Chairman McShane reported that the Migratory Waterfowl Advisory Board met on November 8, in Columbia. The Advisory Board made their selection for the 2006-07 State Duck Stamp. Chairman McShane noted that there was discussion on the number of entries for this year as compared to previous years. The Advisory Board also selected the red head species for the 2007-08. Chairman McShane informed the Board that on February 15, 2006, there will an event held recognizing the 25th anniversary of the State Duck Stamp Program.
  9. Director’s Briefing
    Mr. Frampton reported that there has been much activity in relation to land acquisition.

    Mr. Frampton and the Board had a short discussion about a request from Senator Cleary about boating access issues in his district.

  10. Advisory Committee Report
    Mr. Davis reported that the Waterfowl Advisory Committee met on November 8, in Columbia. Mr. Davis noted that the Advisory Committee had discussions about the length of waterfowl seasons. The Advisory Committee received updates on waterfowl population status, Avian Flu, State NAWCA funding contributions to Canada, and the State Waterfowl Management Plan. The Advisory Committee received copies of the publication Ducks at a Distance.

    Chairman McShane recognized the attendance of Austin Smith, Governor’s Office and Caroline Pinckney, Senate Fish, Game and Forestry Committee at today’s meeting.
  11. Items for Board Action
    1. Santee Cooper Rediversion Canal Fish Kill Report
      Scott Lemprecht summarized the report as sent to Board Members in the meeting package. Mr. Evans questioned additional monitoring and the Board held some discussion on this topic. There was also discussion regarding financial and resource recoupment. Mr. Davis made a motion that the Board approve the report with the addition of procedures for additional monitoring to prevent this in the future. Mr. Campbell seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.
    2. Proposed WMA Regulations for 2006
      Tim Ivey distributed copies of amended proposed WMA Regulations for 2006 (attached to original minutes). Mr. Ivey reviewed the amended proposal. Mr. Evans made a motion that the Board approve the Proposed WMA Regulations for 2006 as distributed. Mr. Campbell seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.
    3. Proposed 2006 Legislative Package
      Derrick Meggie distributed copies of the amended proposed 2006 Legislative Package (attached to original minutes) and reviewed each item. After much discussion, Mr. Campbell made a motion that the Board adopt the proposed 2006 Legislative Package as distributed, with the deletion of number 14 – Banding of Released Game Birds. Mrs. Floyd seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.
  12. Deputy Directors’ Reports
    1. Land, Water and Conservation
      Freddy Vang reported that the State Drought Committee met on Wednesday, November 16. Mr. Vang informed the Board that they have hired a new Climatologist, Mark Malsick, he was formerly the hurricane forecaster for the Atlantic Fleet with the Naval Academy. Mr. Vang announced that the Phragmites web site is up and running.
    2. Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries
      Breck Carmichael gave the Board a brief update on stocking of Robust Redhorse. Mr. Carmichael also distributed the SC Ducks at a Distance publication.
    3. Law Enforcement
      Col. Taylor reported on the employee ID program. Gave the Board an update on hiring and training. Col. Taylor also gave a report of the DLEO program and that this item will be brought to the Board in January.
    4. Outreach and Support Services
      Carole Collins informed the Board of the new employee directory, which was placed at their chair prior to the meeting. Ms. Collins reported that the newly published South Carolina Wildlife catalog has been distributed and the Wildlife Shop has many new items for the holiday season. Ms. Collins announced that Scott Speares has been selected for the Assistant Deputy Director position and Sandra Hartley has been selected for the Customer Service Manager position.
    5. Marine
      Mr. Boyles announced that Linda Renshaw has been selected to fill the position vacated by Charles Farmer in the Public Affairs Office at the Marine Center. Mr. Boyles reported on the adult Red Drum monitoring program. Mr. Boyles also noted that the Harry Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund contributed $25,000 toward the construction of the Bruce Rush Ten Mile Reef.
  13. Executive Session
    At this time Mr. Davis made a motion that the Board hold an Executive Session to discuss contractual, legal and personnel matters. Mr. Evans seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.
  14. Return to Regular Session
    The Board returned to regular session and invited staff and guests to join the meeting.

    Mr. Ragsdale made a motion that the Board accept the donation of the Tiger Bay In-Holding in Lewis Ocean Bay without any contingencies or obligations. Mr. Evans seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.

  15. Time and Location of the Next Meeting
    The December Board meeting will be held on Friday, December 9, in Columbia.
  16. Adjournment
    There being no further business to be brought before the DNR Board at this time, the meeting was adjourned.