Professional Development

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Teachers On The Estuary (TOTE): Watersheds to Wetlands

Ocotber 23-25, 2020

Exploring the Edisto River Watershed ACE Basin National Estuarine Research Reserve

Edisto River Watershed

Join ACE Basin NERR, North Inlet-Winyah Bay NERR, and South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium marine educators for professional development featuring NOAA's Estuaries 101 Curriculum!

Using the Edisto River watershed as our classroom, we will:

The first day of the workshop begins in Orangeburg, SC at the headwaters of the Edisto River. Each day we’ll explore a new section of the river; walking boardwalks, tubing downstream and boating in the estuary. Along the way, we will test water quality, observe different habitat types, and discuss how to incorporate this information into your classroom. Participants will stay in cabins at Givhans Ferry State Park both nights. Our final day ends where the Edisto River meets the Atlantic Ocean at Edisto Beach.


*Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available

Registration: $50 per person (nonrefundable)

• Includes meals, snacks, supplies, and overnight lodging


Contact: with any questions

Seeds to Shoreline, July 29, 2020

From Seeds to Shoreline engages K-12 students and teachers in cultivating and transplanting Spartina alterniflora, the dominant plant in southeastern salt marshes.