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Archery equipment:
means a bow and arrow, long bow, recurve bow, compound bow, or crossbow.
Artificial lure:
means manufactured or handmade flies, spinners, plugs, spoons, and reproductions of live animals, which are made completely of natural or colored wood, cork, feathers, hair, rubber, metal, plastic, tinsel, styrofoam, sponge, or string, or any combination of these materials, in imitation of or as substitute for natural bait. Lures or fish eggs enhanced with scents or salts are not artificial lures. Artificially produced organic baits are not artificial lures.
Cast net:
means a nonbaited circular webbing having a weighted peripheral line that is thrown by hand and retrieved by a central line connected to radiating tuck lines attached to the peripheral line.
Crayfish trap:
means a device constructed of coated wire with the opening of the throat or flues not exceeding two and one-quarter inches with a minimum mesh size of one-quarter inch bar mesh.
means anything used to hold or keep fish while afloat or afield.
means an appliance or equipment or combination designed or used for taking or attempting to take fish.
Eel pot:
means an enclosed structure used to take eels only and which conforms to the following specifications:
  • no larger than twenty-four inches by forty-eight inches;
  • and must be constructed of wire so that:
    • the mesh size is no smaller than one-half by one-half inch, except for the throat or muzzle and the end opposite the throat or muzzle of cylindrical pots;
    • and a throat opening not to exceed two inches measured in any direction.
Elver fyke net:
means a net with wings not exceeding ten feet in length and fourteen feet in depth; the distance from throat to cod end does not exceed twenty feet. The maximum bar mesh for any part of the net does not exceed one-eighth inch square.
Game fishing device:
means a hook and line, pole or artificial pole, or rod and reel.
means a device consisting of a staff with a sharp point or points designed for thrusting and used to take fish by hand; to take fish by hand by use of a spear, prong, or similar device.
Gill net:
means a net designed to hang vertically and capture fish by entanglement usually of the head, gill covers, or preopercles.
Hoop net:
means a device in which fish are taken in an enclosed structure which conforms to the following specifications:
  • the maximum size of hoop nets must be sixteen feet in length by five and one-half feet in diameter. Hoop nets must be made of a textile netting (no wire) of a mesh size not less than one inch square nor greater than two inches square enclosing a series of round hoops with two or more muzzle openings which must be made of a netting material. One side of the hoop must be flat to hold the nets in place.
Jug fishing:
means fishing by use of a single hook and line attached to a floating device other than a flotation marker for trotlines, traps, or other devices.
Minnow trap:
means a cylindrical device not longer than twenty-four inches and no more than thirty inches in circumference or a rectangular device not larger than twenty-four inches long, eight inches high, and nine inches wide. The mesh must be no smaller than one-quarter inch bar mesh. The throat opening of the funnel of the trap may not exceed one inch in diameter.
means an open work fabric or fiber woven or knotted at regular intervals; to catch or ensnare.
Pump net:
means a manually operated dip-type net with webbing hung from rigid cross members that form an 'X' which are attached to a pole. The pole utilizes a fulcrum to raise and lower the net. The 'X' cross members may not exceed twenty feet. The net must be no smaller than one inch stretched mesh.
means a net having a stretch mesh of not less than one inch and not more than one and onehalf inches which do not exceed seventy-five feet in length or six feet in depth.
Set hook:
means a single hook and line set in or along any of the waters of this State used to catch fish while attached to bushes, limbs, vines, undergrowth, or other parts of vegetation, set poles, pegs, sticks, or similar structures. Set hooks include all similar hook and line devices by whatever name called.
Skimbow net:
means a hand operated dip net constructed of wood with wire or textile netting with a mesh size not greater than one and one-half inches square hung within a frame formed by a length of wood looped and attached to itself to form a bow. The bow may not exceed fourteen feet in any direction.
Single-hook artificial lure:
means an artificial lure with a single point. A multiple number of singlehook lures (such as dropper flies) fished in a series is considered a single-hook artificial lure.
means a device for thrusting or throwing consisting of a long staff with a sharpened point or to which a sharp head is fixed.
means a device in which fish are taken in an enclosed structure which conforms to the following specifications and includes fish traps, baskets, and like devices:
  • a trap must be made of:
    • wire or textile material and be cylindrical in shape not more than six feet in length and not more than three feet in diameter or width;
    • the mesh size must not be smaller than one inch by one inch and there must be only one application of exterior wire to the trap;
    • and the muzzle must have one of the following designs:
      • a trap door on the second muzzle or catch muzzle which remains in a closed position and which only opens for the entry of fish into the trap; the trap door must be constructed of the same material as the trap;
      • or construction of a netting so that the opening of the small end of the second muzzle or catch muzzle is held in the shape of a slit and the trap configuration constructed such that as the trap rests on the bottom the slit must be oriented horizontally with the greatest vertical opening being no greater than one inch; or
  • a trap must be made of:
    • wood strips or slats and be cylindrical or rectangular in shape. The length may not exceed six feet and the width or diameter may not exceed two feet;
    • the throat opening of the catch muzzle in a resting position may not exceed three inches measured in any direction;
    • and the sides, top, and rear of the trap must have a minimum of one inch openings between the slats;
  • eel pots, minnow traps, and crayfish traps are not included in this definition.
  • Trotline:
    means a device consisting of a horizontal common line with two or more hooks suspended from it.
    means a device to which set hooks are attached which is activated by spring-like devices.